Modern consumers and customers and wiser – and more suspicious – than ever before. Ads and promotion slogans seldom convince them by their own, even when the product in question offers genuine value to its buyer.

“In Testimonials We Trust” - that is the modern consumer’s gospel, and Strauss totally embraces it! Hence, we have asked firms and clients that have bought and used our products to share their experience with the rest of the world.

Webarts is the leading Internet Marketing agency in Cyprus, with clients from all over the Mediterranean and partnerships with some of the greatest innovators of its industry. Here is how our T7 Water Purifier has literally transformed its workspace and enabled its staff to avoid the “bottle water” trap!


Life Before Strauss T7  

According to Webarts’ top executives, “most people in the company used to bring and drink bottled water at the office. No one was really happy with its taste, but most of us considered it much better and, in a way, healthier, than tap water, whose chlorine odour is often disturbing and gives it a nasty feeling in the palate.

As mentioned by another employee, “Cyprus is one of the hottest corners on the face of the earth, and dehydration is not an option, especially when your line of work demands creativity and sharp thinking. So, we used to carry loads of bottled water, that weighed a lot, especially when we had to lug it to the car or the storage area.” Especially, during the summer months the fridge was overstuffed with bottled water so there wasn’t adequate space for anything else.

The cost was another serious problem. As experience later shown, the bottled water of a couple of months actually costed 50% more than the purchase of a water purifier!

“Another issue troubling the minds of at least some of us,” mentioned one of the Webarts directors, “is the impact to the environment caused using some many plastic bottles. Webarts ethics set green mentality as one of its priorities, and we surely didn’t feel we lived up to our principles in this area.”


Life After Strauss T7

“After considering the sheer benefits of drinking pure, filtered water, such as augmented productivity, fewer headaches, improved cognitive function and muscle health, good digestion, and mental clarity and stability, we decided to invest on Strauss T7 Water Purifier and make sure we have plenty of fresh and clean water.”

“Well, one thing is for sure; our decision proved all d more beneficial than we expected. Strauss T7 proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that much more convenient, cost-effective and healthy than any type of bottled water we have ever tried. In the meantime, eliminating the need to carry bottles around in work and feeling we are doing our part in protecting the planet have made everyone happier, as well as the feel of drinking water in its purest form. It has been much more rejuvenating than we thought and has boosted our performance.”


After buying the machine, the use of water in any temperature by touching just a button for other liquid refreshments such as iced teas, warm coffees and lemonades increased as it is much more convenient now. The process is very easy as at the touch of a button, we can enjoy drinking water without the slightest odor at any temperature.

“Webarts is certainly a devoted T7 ambassador; we surely recommend it.”  

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