Drinking plenty of water helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle, boosts the metabolism and helps you lose weight. Here's a recipe for a healthy lifestyle. 

From the time we're born we're used to hearing Mom and Dad, and sometimes even Grandma, encouraging us to drink water. This is much easier to do at home because the easiest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is... to drink water. 

Here are a few facts: 60% of the body's weight consists of fluids. Every day of the week, not including intense exercise, we lose an average of 4.5 liters of body fluids. 

A healthy lifestyle and proper recirculation  

How does this happen? Through perspiration, urination and even simple respiration. That's right - at any given moment, fluids are evaporating from our bodies. Therefore, it's recommended to fill them first with water - the body's royal liquid. 

Our bodies need to be refilled with these fluids so all the cells and organs can continue to function optimally. Ask almost any doctor, and he'll tell you: Nothing beats drinking water when it comes to recirculation and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. 

If you add athletic activities and physical effort at a gym a studio or at home, you have to reinforce your water-drinking even more. Restoring fluids to the organs is essential to proper functioning.

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Proper water-drinking will contribute to your health and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Proper water-drinking will help you reduce your consumption of unhealthy sugared drinks, thus reducing the amount of calories you consume, helping you maintain your ideal weight and lose weight for those of us who suffer from obesity. 

Drinking water throughout the day helps increase our metabolism and provides our bodies with the energy it needs in order to maintain a proper, healthy lifestyle. It can also help solve a variety of health problems. 

Athletes already know - Drink more water, especially while working out 

Our ability to work out athletically is liable to decrease as a result of minor dehydration, so it's important to drink water. Even a loss of 2% of body weight in fluids is liable to affect performance at a level of 25%. Athletes, even nonprofessionals, know that it's important to drink water while training. Of course, everyone's body size and needs are different, but drinking water is a need common to everyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Medical issues? Drinking water may solve them 

Drinking a sufficient amount of water can also help uproot certain medical problems. One problem that people who don't drink a lot of water are liable to suffer from is kidney stones. The kidneys need fluids, especially in hot weather, and insufficient water-drinking is liable to lead to kidney problems. Stomach problems can also be solved through proper water-drinking, since water cleanses the intestines, making sure the intestines function properly. 

If you happen to suffer from nausea or headaches, before you take a pain reliever - drink water. Sometimes it can solve the problem. 

Bottom line - How much water should you drink? 

For this, we have our Water Calculator, which will help you figure out how many cups of water you should drink each day. 

With ice, with lemon, without ice, or just because you feel like it, Strauss Water Bars provide delicious, high-quality water all day long, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact us for more information.  

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