Drinking water helps preserve the skin, thereby helping us look better. Think this is just a myth? Think again. if you want to take care of your skin, here are a few things you should know about the connection between water-drinking and healthy, glowing skin.

Our bodies are big consumers of water, which constitutes 60%-70% of them. But did you know what over 20% of this water is concentrated in our skin? We could actually think of our skin as a sort of plant that needs to be watered constantly in order to look its best. However, watering the skin doesn't mean taking a shower at the end of the day as you may think, it means drinking water. Drinking water improves the skin's appearance while making it function more efficiently.

The epidermis - the outer layer of skin which covers the body - has one main function, to protect our bodies. Our skin must function well in order to maintain our body temperature and protect us from microorganisms, radiation, toxic substances and wounds. In order to do this and to serve as a barrier between our bodies and our environment, the external stratum corneum and stratum lucidium must maintain a constant level of moisture. This moisture helps our skin remain elastic and pliant, it helps it flake and renew itself, and to maintain its optimal thickness. Drinking water, therefore, proves this protective layer with the amount of moisture it needs and helps it function as a high-quality barrier between our bodies and the environment.

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The connection between water-drinking and attractive skin

Drinking plenty of water has many positive physical effects, but we don't see or feel them all. One prominent physical manifestation of water-drinking to which we can bear witness is our skin's appearance. There's a reason why people who drink a lot of water may be slowing down symptoms of aging such as wrinkles. On the other hand, people who don't drink a lot of water are liable to suffer from droopy, dry, dull skin. Furthermore, the chances of suffering from allergies, pimples and acne are greater among those who don't drink a lot of water. This is because our skin cells need water in order to function properly, just like the other parts of the body. Being aware of the fact that not drinking sufficient water causes dehydration, we should realize that this also applies to our skin and detracts from its appearance.

Natural anti-aging

Many of us put a lot of effort into grooming our skin and body through the use of creams, anti-wrinkle ointments and expensive facial treatments, unaware of the most natural and available anti-aging treatment of all: drinking water. Studies conducted on the effect of water consumption on skin health show that it has a major impact on the skin's proper functioning and moisture level. And these, of course, manifest as glowing, smooth, healthy-looking skin.

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