Headaches and dry skin are only two of the symptoms that may tell you you're not drinking enough.

We're used to thinking that thirst is the main symptom of dehydration. But – surprise! It turns out that thirst often doesn't make itself felt strongly enough for us to notice. Oddly, there are many other signs that might indicate that we're in need of an urgent glass of water.

Because our body is incapable of storing water, we must continuously provide it with the water it needs for remaining healthy and vital. This is especially important in the summer, and the reason we put together these guidelines, which every Israeli should know by heart.

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1) Headaches

Many factors can cause a headache, but the major one is the lack of water. This means that if you slept enough and aren't prone to migraines but still suffer from a headaches, chances are your need to drink water. In fact, experts say that dehydration is the no. 1 reason for headaches among children. It is therefore especially important that the little munchkins drink water all through the hot summer. Now, you may ask: what's the connection between headaches and a lack of water? The theory is that the blood vessels in the brain contract in an attempt to control the level of liquids in the body. The contraction reduces the amount of blood and oxygen coming to the brain, leading to pain.

2) Muscle cramps

It turns out that a major symptom of dehydration is muscle pain and cramps. A possible explanation is that the lack of water disrupts the balance of salts in the body, causing cramps and pain. If you're an active individual who moves a lot and doesn't sit still for long, the cramps will be more severe.

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3) Dry skin

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Since water comprises more than 70 percent of the body, a lack of water first affects the skin. If the body isn't getting enough liquid, the skin becomes dry and scaly. Beyond the esthetics, this also represents a health problem: dry skin is more exposed to sun damage and infections than well-hydrated skin.

4) Dark urine

The general rule is simple: the clearer your urine, the better. The color of urine is the best way to measure if you're drinking enough water. Dark yellow urine indicates that dehydration is happening. The amount of urine may also indicate a lack of water; it is especially important in infants whose diapers ought to be damp: a dry diaper for several hours might be a sign of trouble.

5) Constipation

The most common digestive problem is often the result of a lack of water. Water cleans the body's digestive tract and help remove waste. When the body gets insufficient water, the waste removal system is adversely affected.

6) Vomiting

When the body is dehydrated, the volume of blood decreases and blood flow to certain organs comes close to stopping so that it can reach the most critical organs, such as the brain and the heart. Because the kidneys aren't getting enough water, they don't function as they should, leading to vomiting and further loss of liquids.

So make a point of drinking as much water as you can to ensure a healthy lifestyle! A Strauss Water bar can your greatest ally to proper hydration

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