Not only cavities: Drinking sweetened beverages is liable to lead to obesity, diabetes, developmental problems and more. So what risks are we taking, and what's the solution?

We tend to drink them at every opportunity. Morning, noon and night, at school and at home in front of the TV. We start drinking them when we're very young and continue until our teeth can hardly handle it. So why do we continue to drink so many sweetened beverages?

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Drinking sweetened beverages is the number one cause of obesity and diabetes among the young. In Israel it's a dangerously widespread phenomenon which harbors a variety of health hazards which only get worse with time. And it's not only about having a bit of a pot belly or making an extra trip to the dentist's every year. The list is long and we simply can't ignore it.

Obesity, which is becoming more and more common among children, has many potential repercussions. The best-known among them is diabetes, which is also spreading, and to it we should add high blood pressure. It's important to note that sweetened beverages' negative contribution to obesity is twofold since they encourage overeating. And even if you managed to stay thin when you were young, consumption of sweetened beverages also increases the risk of obesity later in life.

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Drinking sweetened beverages interferes with the growth process of children since it leads to decreased consumption of nutritious foods that are essential for growth and development. It's also liable to lead to aggressive behavior and attention disorders among children. There's also a risk of dehydration, since sweet carbonated drinks quench thirst faster, causing a decrease in the consumption of fluids. Furthermore, sweetened beverages harm the teeth and cause tooth decay. 

According to a survey conducted by Strauss, 98% of adults surveyed think (and rightly so) that drinking plenty of water is good for the health, reduces the chance of illness, aids concentration, and the list goes on. With a Strauss Water Bar at home, you can rest assured that your children have convenient, easy access to water. The Water Bar makes it easier to encourage them to drink more water, thus improving the whole family's quality of life.

And the solution? The solution is quite simple - drink lots of water. Drinking water regularly helps prevent dehydration, leads to the increased consumption of healthier, more life-giving foods, and helps prevent weight-gain and developmental problems.

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