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Proper hydration lies at the heart of well-being. Still, most people, while acknowledging how vital water is for their overall health, fail to hydrate properly – mainly because they wait to feel thirsty to enjoy a cup full of rejuvenating water.  

Thirst signs, however, can be… deceptive. Research has shown that, as we age, thirst signals gradually become less accurate. As a result, our body may be dehydrated long before we feel the urge to drink water.  

Since thirst is not always a reliable guide to adequate hydration, we must find another way to ensure it. Below, you’ll find some practical tips.  

Find out How Much Water You Need 

First, it is essential to know how much water we need. Each person has different hydration needs, determined by several factors, such as age, sex, physical condition, possible health issues, daily activity, climate etc.  

Therefore, the amount of water adequate for one person may be inadequate for another. If an amateur teenage athlete drinks as much as a man in his fifties with a sedentary job, his body will soon be severely dehydrated. A pregnant or breastfeeding woman in her early twenties needs much more water than her 60-year-old aunt.  

Hence, the first step to proper hydration is determining how much water our body needs. Asking your physician is the best way, but you can take a first hint with the Strauss Water Calculator.  

All you have to do is answer three simple questions, and our algorithm will estimate how many cups of water you need to drink daily to remain well-hydrated.  

“When” is as Important as “How Much” 

Indeed, when we drink water is as crucial as the amount we consume. Several studies have revealed that drinking water at specific times during the day maximises the benefits. In particular:  

  • When we wake up 

Drinking one or two cups of water right after rising from bed benefits your body much more than coffee. Eight hours of sleep leave the body wanting in water, and hydrating after waking up gives it that energy boost it needs to support its functions – especially if you take medication.  

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  • Before and during meals 

Drinking water before a meal can help you feel fuller, and thus eat less and maintain a healthier weight. Sipping a cup or two during meals can aid digestion and promote regularity.  

  • Before, during and after exercise 

Exercise causes excess sweat, which is one of the leading causes of water loss in the body. Slamming water before a workout is not that bad, but it would be even better to drink plenty of water several hours before your gym session.  

Sipping water during the exercise will also help a lot while drinking several cups after you’ve finished goes without telling.  

  • Before bedtime, instead of an afternoon coffee 

That well-known afternoon dip is much better fought off with two cups of water than a cup of coffee. The latter may cut into your night sleep, while proper hydration will boost your mood and mental clarity, battle fatigue and clear up confusion.  

  • When we feel thirsty 

True enough, as we age, thirst is not always a trustworthy indicator, but we shouldn’t simply ignore it. While it shouldn’t be the sole pointer of when to drink water, it remains a good one throughout our life.  

A nice, practical way to ensure timely drinks wherever you may be is the EQUA Smart bottle.  

Made of stainless steel and featuring double-wall insulation, it will keep your water chilled for 24 hours, while its smart technology will calculate how much water you need to drink and remind you when to take a sip. 

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Water Quality Can Help You Drink More 

Naturally, better-tasting water helps us drink more, especially when it’s offered promptly at the temperature we prefer it.  

Strauss Water Appliances provides the whole family with  

  • triple-filtered, crisp and chlorine- and bacteria-free water,  
  • with all of its healthy essential minerals,  
  • at the temperature you prefer…  

… all with the touch of a button!  

Check out more of their amazing features and contact us to learn about our products and water calculator!  

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