Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Is your glass half full or half empty? Perhaps you fluctuate between the two and when life gets tough, pessimism creeps in. Have you noticed that some people are just naturally optimistic by nature? Wouldn’t you love to be more optimistic, to see the good in everything, and to feel positive about the future and the choices you make? Our outlook on life is shaped by many things; our past, our present, and our own unique personality, but it is also not set in stone. Just because you err toward pessimism doesn’t mean you can’t turn that around and become a more optimistic person. Just the simple fact that you’re reading this article means that you can do it, you’re open to looking on the bright side of life. Want to learn some tricks to become more optimistic? Then read on…  

Learn to look for the silver lining 

When you’re feeling pessimistic about something, try to look inside your cloud of gloom to find your silver lining. You feel down because you have to work overtime, but then think about what fun you could have with the extra money you’ll make. You’re miserable because you can’t afford to rent a flat with a garden, but think about the time you’ll save not having to maintain a garden, and instead, you can spend your time at a local park. Life is rarely perfect, but there’s often a positive to be found in most situations if you look hard enough for them.   

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Visualise the best possible you 

Relax, shut your eyes, and think about your future. Put any negative thoughts, anxieties, and worries away, and focus on a future you’d love to live. Think about relationships, your career, your home, and your hobbies. Imagine the goals you’ve achieved and ways in which you’ve helped others. Being able to clearly imagine a positive future, is a great first step to achieving this dream and becoming more optimistic.  

Acknowledge the negatives, but don’t let them bring you down 

Of course, life is never all roses. Bad things happen in the world, and everyone has bad days. The key is how you deal with it. It’s important to face your problems. Sweeping them under the rug ultimately doesn’t help, but it’s wise not to dwell on that which you can’t change. Take positive steps to make your life, and the world, a better place. You can help out a friend in need, and you can donate to charity, but avoid placing a huge focus on negativity or spending too much time worrying about that which you simply cannot alter.  

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Journal your gratitude and happy thoughts 

Even the most pessimistic of people have some moments of delight in their day. Find a beautiful notebook and spend a few minutes each day jotting down the positive aspects of your day and the things you feel grateful for. These don’t have to be major events, it could be that you’re thankful for your colleague making you a cup of coffee when you were busy, or that you particularly enjoyed a stroll in the sunshine that day. By making a note of your small joys, you are acknowledging all that is good in your life. 

A healthy brain is a happy brain 

Look after your brain health and you’ll tend to feel more optimistic naturally. Ensure you follow a good, balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as some well-deserved treats of course. It’s also vital to keep well hydrated, to ensure your brain is functioning at full capacity and to avoid painful headaches. Opt for pure filtered water from a water dispensing machine from Strauss water to ensure high-quality hydration.  

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