Give your staff and clients the cleanest, purest and best-tasting water for your office / workplace. Your employees and customers deserve the best water for their office or work environment. Dehydration reduces mental and physical ability and leads to sudden fatigue. Strauss Water drinking water appliances can transform the workplace with a continuous supply of clean, fresh, great-tasting, and safe water, all day long no matter how many people are filling their cups.


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Additionally, the cost of transporting, storing and disposing of bottles (large or small) is eliminated (a great security benefit for many organizations). Time, energy and fuel are all conserved. The risk of injury from carrying those bottles is gone, while healthier employees means less time off for illness.

Strauss Water  appliances are suitable to cover all the potable water needs for any organization., They can be installed in many areas of the workplace to provide staff and visitors with fresh and tasty water (cold, hot, extra hot, or  ambient temperature and even sparkling water with our newest model, Bubble X) with a touch of a button. Thus you are maximizing effective work time, and reducing the instances of staff needing to leave their work area to get a drink.

The service center for the business sector is managed by a special CRM system that enables quick and efficient response to any question or problem. Our business customers are numerous and varied, from small business to big organizations. Boasting en experience of 12 consecutive years already, we had the pleasure of catering for the diversified needs of

  • Accounting and Audit Services Agencies;
  • Shipping and Transportation Companies;
  • Distribution and Circulation Firms;
  • Fast Food Chains;
  • Advertising and Promotion Companies;
  • Private Clinics and Public Hospitals;
  • Telecommunications Operators.

Το companies we offer the option of both purchasing or renting the Strauss Water drinking water appliances. Should you need more information on how to buy a Strauss Water appliance, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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