Our technician will install and set-up your Strauss appliance in less than an hour. After that, we will take care of sending you your consumables every 6 months when you need them and provide on-site service as needed. With Strauss water you will enjoy an uninterrupted supply of ultra-pure, great tasting chilled and boiling hot water.


  • Our technician will install and set up the Tana for you.
  • We come on the day you want and at a time that works for you.
  • We’ll help you find the ideal spot – up to 20 meters from your mains supply.
  • Connects to your water supply via a small pencil size hole in your worktop.
  • It takes less than an hour to get your unit up and running.
  • Our technician will help you set your preferences, so you’re ready to go.
  • Moving home? We will disconnect your the Tana for you and reinstall it at your new home at a minimum of charge



Supplies & Service

  • We automatically remind you every 6 months for the replacement of your carbon filter
  • An option in your filter pack is the scale capsule that prevents the built up of scale on the element of the hot water tank.  It is recommended for areas of very hard water. Should be used every 12 months together with the filter replacement    
  • Every 12 months your long life UV lamp should be replaced
  • Dedicated support team helps you get the most from your unit
  • Any problems with your Tana, a technician will visit your home and ensure your Tana is back up and running.  We offer optional yearly service packages with predefined spare parts prices, no labor costs and other benefits



Cleaning Kit

We developed a special cleaning kit, which includes the descaling capsule in order to keep your water dispensers working at an optimum level for longer. The kit comes with an anti-calcification spray, a sanitizer spray and anti-bacterial wipes. It is certified and approved for use in water supply appliances.

cleaning kit strausss

UV Lamp

Ultra Violet Lam. The 11 watt ultra violet lamp is responsible for keeping the water free from bacteria and germs. Our UV lamp eliminate 99.9% of water - borne bacteria(or just bacteria). 

This filtration and purification process is highly effective largely because of the speed it eliminates bacteria, without producing dangerous by-products and without causing any chemical changes. On the way it even vastly improves the taste of water. 

To be fully effective, it needs to be replaced every 12 months.



Active carbon filter

Strauss Water’s carbon filter removes large contaminants from house hold water pipes.

The filter only allows clear water through, whilst the carbon itself eliminates chlorine, organic matter and aftertaste.

To be double effective the filter works in two stages: At first it gets rid of sand, rust, small stones with a net, then the carbon filter improves the water quality by eliminating chlorine and unpleasant tastes and scents.

The replacement of the filter should be done every 6 months.



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